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    Locating and Inspecting Hoses When Troubleshooting Your Window Washing System

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Since good visibility is essential to safe driving, your windshield wipers and windshield cleaning fluid are important components of your automotive system. If you’ve recently had trouble with your windshield washing system, check out this video for expert advice on troubleshooting:

    In addition to learning about the elements that contribute to your windshield washing system, watching this video will give you access to hints and tips that will help you get more from your windshield washing system. This advice can greatly increase your safety on the road. 

    If you’re experiencing problems with your windshield, you should contact an auto glass repair specialist. To learn about high quality window repair and replacement services available to residents throughout the San Francisco Bay area, call Glass on the Move at (510) 338-4791.

    From Chip to Crack: Taking a Closer Look at the Journey a Chipped Window Can Take

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A cracked windshield is more than a just a costly nuisance. It can also affect a driver’s view and seriously compromise safety. Most cracked windshields start with a minor chip that can be repaired quickly and at minimal cost. To learn more about the process through which a small nick transforms into a major crack, continue reading:

    Common Causes of Glass Damage
    Chips and nicks in glass result most frequently from road debris, vandalism, and hail storms. Though vehicle theft often involves glass damage, the damage is usually so severe that it necessitates replacement rather than repair.

    A Chip or Nick
    A small chip or minor dent in your windshield can be repaired using a specially designed bonding agent. It costs very little and takes all of 30 minutes for a professional to clean and repair a chipped windshield. By the time he or she is finished, the windshield looks as good as new.

    Subsequent Spread
    Over time, a small chip that is exposed to bumpy roads and nature’s elements can become a crack that spans the length or width of a windshield. When this happens, a quick repair is no longer an economic or feasible option. However, a professional can stop an existing crack from spreading.

    The Irreparable Crack
    A crack of more than a few inches cannot be repaired. Since driving with a cracked windshield is difficult, dangerous, and illegal, a driver must hire a professional to replace a severely cracked window. This process will require more of your time and money than a simple chip repair.

    The sooner you have an automotive glass specialist take a look at your damaged windshield or window, the quicker and cheaper the repair process will be. If you have any questions for a reputable auto glass repair professional in the Oakland area, give Glass on the Move a ring at (510) 338-4791.


    Why Your Windshield Is Important to the Structural Integrity of Your Car

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Made from durable glass, a car windshield is vital to the safe and smooth operation of a vehicle. In addition to keeping rain, snow, wind, and insects from bothering the driver and passengers, the windshield is essential to your car’s structural integrity.

    To learn more about windshields and safety, watch this informational video. Automotive experts estimate that auto glass constitutes 25-50% of a vehicle’s strength and resistance. All windshields are designed to withstand the force of airbag deployment, and help keep passengers from being ejected from an automobile during an accident.

    If your windshield is damaged by road debris, strong weather, or other sources, you will want to replace it with glass of the highest quality. To speak with an experienced and reputable auto glass repair and replacement specialist in the Oakland area, call Glass on the Move at (510) 338-4791.


    Steps to Take to Keep You and Your Family Safe When You Have Damaged Auto Glass

    Last updated 2 years ago

    You’re driving along the highway when suddenly a piece of road debris comes out of nowhere and slams against your windshield. As you can imagine, this is a very frightening experience. Fortunately, there are a handful of measures you can take immediately following this mishap and before your windshield is repaired or replaced. Read on to find out how to keep your family safe in the wake of an accident:

    Stay Calm
    Due to the rigid standards of auto glass manufacturing, flying debris is unlikely to penetrate through your windshield or send shards of glass flying all over the place. If it does, and someone in your car is injured, seek medical assistance immediately. If your windshield is kept in one piece, remain calm and drive with caution until you can contact a repair professional.

    Clean Up
    If your car’s windows or windshield were damaged in your driveway, as a result of a natural disaster or vandalism, wear heavy-duty gloves when cleaning up shards of glass. A splintered window can be appealing to a curious child; in order to prevent injury, keep your children away from cracked or shattered glass.

    Schedule Repair Appointment
    One of the first steps you should take following the discovery of damaged auto glass is to contact a windshield repair or replacement company. If you contact the right repair professional, you can get an appointment within 24 hours.

    “Quick” Fix
    While you wait for your repair or replacement appointment, you can tape plastic over your car window or fix your back window with duct tape. However, these fixes are temporary and are not substitutes for professional repair.

    Keep Driving to a Minimum
    It’s a good idea to use an alternative mode of transport until your cracked or shattered windshield can be replaced. If you drive with broken auto glass, you’ll likely end up with a costly ticket.


    Though a chipped or cracked window can be annoying, you don’t have to live with it for very long. To speak with an auto glass repair professional in the Oakland area who can repair your window at home, at work, or elsewhere within 24 hours, call Glass on the Move at (510) 338-4791.


    Why Replacing Your Auto Glass Doesn't Have to Take Away from Your Busy Workday

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Road debris can leave large, dangerous cracks in your windshield. Unfortunately, these cracks can interrupt your busy schedule. That’s why Glass on the Move offers several services that speed up glass repair. Read on to learn how we can replace your windshield without reducing your productivity.

    Rapid Service: Glass on the Move provides fast, easy quotes by phone. This short conversation will allow you to price and schedule an auto repair from your desk. Afterwards, the company’s on-site team will travel to your workplace. You can continue to do your job while the technician detaches your broken windshield and carefully attaches a replacement. Our mobile repair service is also convenient when your auto glass damage leaves your vehicle on the roadside. Call us when windshield damage threatens to make you late for an important business meeting.

    Direct Billing: One of the most irritating parts of any auto repair is the paperwork. Glass on the Move helps you skip the forms by doing the busywork work for you. Simply give us your insurance information and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even file the claim for you. Glass repair is a “no fault” claim, so negotiations with your insurance company are sure to go smoothly.

    Versatile Production: Glass on the Move does more than fit and replace windshields. We also operate a production shop on our premises. This full-service shop allows us to create custom and high-quality glass for your vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about waiting for a glass part to ship, since the pros at Glass on the Move can manufacture almost anything on-site.

    Glass on the Move is one of Bay Area’s oldest and most trusted auto glass repair shops. We’ve been providing high-quality repairs since 1979 and continue to win service awards today. Visit our website or call us at (510) 338-4791 to find out more.


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