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    Windshield Damage on the Track

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Some types of windshield damage, such as neglected cracks, can worsen over time. Others, such as kicked-up rocks and fallen tree branches, come at you in unexpected ways. Take a look at this video to get a sense of just how quickly your windshield can endure serious damage.

    When your windshield cracks or fractures, it’s important to act quickly before the damage worsens. Protect your windshield and protect yourself by taking your car in to Glass on the Move at the first sign of trouble. Call us at (510) 338-4791 today to learn more about our mobile repair services for the Oakland, Hayward and Berkeley areas.


    Different Problems that Can Develop as a Result of Unprofessional Windshield Installation

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Your windshield helps keep your car warm when it’s cold outside and cold when it’s hot outside. It protects your eyes from bugs, dirt, dust, insects, and other debris. Perhaps most importantly, your windshield keeps your roof from crushing you during a rollover accident. With all of these vital functions in mind, you should never leave your windshield installation to an amateur. Here are some of the problems you may encounter by letting anyone but a professional install your auto glass.

    • Poor Alignment: Whether you elect to take your windshield installation as a do-it-yourself project or an opportunity to hire the cheapest installer available, you run the risk of winding up with a poor windshield alignment. Often times, when you forego professional installation, you wind up with a rushed end product. A poorly aligned windshield is more susceptible to cracks, chips, and popping off altogether in the event of an accident.
    • Excessive Water and Air Leaks: Improperly applied adhesive can lead to excessive water and air leaks. This typically will come about as a result of a fatal short cut. Instead of removing sealant from your old windshield prior to installing the new one, many windshield installers elect to forego this critical step. The end result is a sealant that doesn’t work optimally and an abundance of leaks.
    • Reduced Passenger Protection: Windshields are designed in large part to support the roof of a car from caving in during a rollover accident. A poorly aligned windshield will fail to provide adequate protection should your car roll over in an accident. The end result can range anywhere from passenger ejection to the roof of the car collapsing on top of the passengers inside.

    If you need auto glass repair or replacement, protect your safety by enlisting the experts at Glass on the Move. Visit us in Oakland, or have one of our mobile repair representatives visit you in the Hayward and Berkeley areas to experience our award-winning services. To find out more information or to speak with a friendly member of our team, call us today at (510) 338-4791. 

    Will Definitely Use Them Again

    Last updated 5 years ago

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    • I had been putting off getting my windshield handled because it's such a hassle.  A couple of weeks ago I was going to be in the Bay Area for a family party and decided to call and set it up.  These guys showed up right on time, got the job done quickly, and handled all the insurance stuff for me.  Plus did a great job.... More

      Diane B.

    The Vital Role Played by Your Auto Glass

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Neglecting a chip, crack, or fracture in your windshield places you and your passengers in a precarious situation. Similarly, failing to fix your windshield soon after it endures any sudden damage poses a serious risk to your safety.

    Your windshield protects you from being crushed in the event of a rollover accident, keeps debris out of your car, and even helps prevent passengers from being suddenly ejected. Watch this informative video to learn all there is to know about windshield safety. 

    Don’t risk your safety or the safety of your passengers by waiting to call Glass on the Move. Instead, call us immediately at the first sign of damage. The number to call is (510) 338-4791.


    Understanding How Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers Your Auto Glass Claim

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Glass on the Move is Oakland’s most trusted auto glass repair company. In fact, we are approved by all major insurance companies to replace your auto glass in the event of an accident. Our commitment to customer service, quality products, and safety has enabled us to build healthy and trusting relationships with all major insurance companies. Read on to learn how comprehensive car insurance may cover your auto glass claim.

    • Claims Can Fall Under Comprehensive Insurance: Auto glass losses are considered a no-fault claim, which essentially means your claim will not affect your insurance. The comprehensive portion of your insurance policy covers glass. Generally, this portion of your policy will cover theft, vandalism, debris, and any other sort of damage not caused by your driving ability, but instead, by external and uncontrollable factors.
    • Adding Comprehensive Insurance To Your Current Policy: While adding anything to your policy or making alterations may seem like it would be a lengthy and tedious process, this is far from the case when adding comprehensive insurance to your current policy. In fact, you can do so easily without changing the collision part of your insurance. You will then be covered for floods, damage by animals, fires, and other unforeseen events.
    • Using Your Comprehensive Insurance Will Not Raise Your Points: Depending upon the policy of your insurance company, you will have some number of points added to your insurance for accidents and moving violations, all of which raise your premiums. However, comprehensive insurance will do nothing to raise any points on your insurance, nor will it force you to have higher rates if you should elect to use it.

    Contact Glass on the Move today to set an appointment to discuss comprehensive insurance. To find out more information regarding our auto glass replacement services, call us at (510) 338-4791 to schedule a mobile repair today.

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