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    Laminated Safety Glass vs. Tempered Safety Glass

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Both laminated and tempered safety glass are used in automotive windshield repairs. However, the different types of glass are specially designed to perform best in certain locations. Keep reading to learn the differences between laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass.

    • Laminated: Laminated safety glass is the most commonly used glass for auto glass repairs. This type of auto glass is actually constructed from multiple layers of glass and durable polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic. This ultra-thin film can adhere to glass exceptionally well and adds a flexible property to the windshield. Plus, laminated safety glass is strong enough to be used by banks as a bullet-resistant barrier—that means your laminated glass windshield provides reliable impact protection on the road. Laminated safety glass even cuts down on ultra violet (UV) ray and sound transmission, too. These perks help to maintain the looks and comfort of your entire vehicle interior.
    • Tempered: Unlike laminated safety glass, tempered glass panes are a single piece of solid glass. The glass is hardened through exposure to high heat and a fast-freezing tempering process. The process of tempering glass does more than simply strengthen the glass—tempered glass products are almost ten times more durable than their normal glass counterparts. This strength is part of the reason that tempered glass is used for safety applications. The tempering technique also ensures that the glass will break into harmless, rounded pebbles instead of jagged shards. This property makes tempered glass the best choice for vehicle side and back windows.

    Choose Glass on the Move to replace your auto windshield with high-quality laminated and tempered glass. Our professional installation methods ensure your vehicle’s new glass is fit securely and permanently. Log on to our website or call us at (510) 338-4791 if you have more questions about our glass services. 


    Educate Yourself with These Great Windshield Resources

    Last updated 6 years ago

    If you’re interested in learning about the science and history behind windshield glass, navigate the following links. Once you’re done reviewing the links, call the professionals at Glass on the Move.

    If you need auto glass repair or replacement, protect your safety by enlisting the experts at Glass on the Move.  Call us at (510) 338-4791 today to speak with a friendly representative. 

    Signs You May Require the Services of a Custom Auto Glass Shop

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Chips, scratches, dings, cracks, and full-blown fractures alike demand the expertise of a professional car window replacement company. Whether you drive a hard-to-find classic model vehicle or one that requires custom parts, you can benefit greatly from enlisting the services of a top-notch auto glass company. Here are a few signs you should bring your car in to Glass on the Move right away.

    • You Drive a Classic or Vintage Vehicle: Whether you drive a 1955 Chevrolet or a 1970 Volkswagen, any type of classic or vintage vehicle demands special attention. Custom auto glass shops are capable of utilizing advanced cutting technology to create custom-fit glass in any desired color, shade, or frame. Whether you’re looking to replace a cracked or chipped windshield or simply looking to refurbish your old classic, a quality custom auto glass shop has the tools and expertise needed to help.
    • You Drive a Custom Car or Hot Rod: Finding the exact size and style auto glass needed for your custom car or hot rod is likely next to impossible. Custom auto glass shops will lay out for you a wide selection of hot rod windshield colors and shades as well as original custom car window patterns. Whether you’re looking to duplicate your previous auto glass or instead are looking to change up your design, a custom auto glass shop is a sure bet.
    • You Need Hard-to-Find Auto Glass: The make, model, year, body style, number of doors, and even tint preference play a role in determining what type of auto glass best fits your car. If you drive a 1960s Chevy pickup, for instance, odds are it will be difficult to find the exact auto glass to fit the year, make, and model. When you elect to bring your vehicle in to an expert custom auto glass shop, they will be able to use their technology to replicate the exact auto glass you need.

    Contact Glass on the Move today if you drive a classic, vintage, or custom vehicle in need of a custom auto glass repair. Call us at (510) 338-4791 to have one of our mobile repair representatives visit you in the Oakland, Hayward or Berkeley areas today.



    Click These Links For More Valuable Auto Glass Tips And Information

    Last updated 6 years ago

    For over 30 years, Glass on the Move has provided quality windshield repair and replacement in the greater Bay Area. Check out these great windshield resources we’ve found and prepare yourself for whatever life throws at your windshield!

    • You can count on Glass on the Move for our consecutive Best of Oakland Auto Glass Replacement Awards. You can also count on us for our unmatched accountability and integrity.
    • Auto glass losses fall under the category of a no-fault claim. Learn exactly what this means by visiting
    • If you drive one of the best cars to restore, you may benefit from visiting a custom auto glass shop at the first sign of trouble.
    • Your windshield plays an integral role in your safety. It can help protect you in any of these types of rollovers.
    • This Readers Digest slideshow features some unique car cleaning methods that include using soda fizz to clean your windshield.

    If your windshield has suffered damage, pay a visit to Glass on the Move. To find out more about our mobile services for the Oakland, Berkley and Hayward areas, call us today at (510) 338-4791.

    Mobile-Only Glass Repair vs. Brick-and-Mortar Glass Shops

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Need to find an on-site auto glass replacement technician?  Before you call, know the differences between a mobile-only business and a brick and mortar business with mobile options. Mobile-only glass repair companies simply can’t offer the credibility, accountability, and skilled technicians a traditional brick-and-mortar glass shop can. Here are some of the benefits you will receive in getting your car window replacement at a brick and mortar company like Glass on the Move.

    • Credibility: In order to begin a brick-and-mortar business model, a business must first invest large sums of money into infrastructure as a means of establishing itself in the marketplace. For this reason alone, brick-and-mortar businesses are infinitely more credible than rival businesses that operate out of no set locations. Set business hours, an easy-to-find location, and a highly-trained staff outweigh any business that operates solely out of a truck and sources glass from a warehouse.
    • Accountability: Whereas mobile-only glass repair shops have the capability of being elusive, brick-and-mortar glass shops operate out of one set location each day. This means that if you need to speak to a manager about your glass repair, you will not have to chase them down. Accountability is what separates the traditional business model from suspect mobile operations.
    • Skill: Building a presentable physical location for customers to visit isn’t enough on its own. Highly-skilled, well-trained employees and a visible leader separate traditional brick-and-mortar glass shops from the competition. Whereas mobile glass repair operations may not always have the most skilled technicians addressing your auto glass cracks and chips, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that Glass on the Move does.

    In deciding between Glass on the Move and mobile-only glass repair companies, the choice is simple. Contact Glass on the Move today to see for yourself what working with a credible and accountable glass repair company is like. To find out more information, the number to call is (510) 338-4791. 

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