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    The Basics of Replacing Your Heavy Equipment Glass

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Damaged heavy equipment glass is a liability and should be addressed as soon as possible. Thankfully, a commercial windshield repair company can solve your glass repair problems right away.  Read on to learn more about the fast and simple heavy equipment glass replacement process.

    • Size Vehicle: Your heavy equipment glass replacement will begin with a set of measurements. These dimensions will then be used by the fabrication department to create a custom replacement window. Plus, glass measurements can be stored for later fabrication. Make sure that the windshield repair company you work with can deliver a replacement in less than 24 hours—this speedy repair will be essential when worksite deadlines are around the corner.
    • Fabricate Replacement: The next stage in the heavy equipment glass process is the custom creation of your new window. Glass is constructed out of laminated or tempered safety glass and cut to match the size of your heavy equipment. You can choose to incorporate glass tinting into your fabrication process, too. Get in touch with your glass repair company of choice for additional details on the types and sizes of glass available for your heavy equipment.
    • Install Glass: The final step in heavy equipment glass replacement is the detailed installation. The professional technicians will carefully remove damaged glass. Afterwards, the technician will then use specialized sealing products to adhere the glass into your heavy equipment and set the glass into its final position. Proper installation is required to ensure that heavy equipment operators are protected from debris and retain maximum visibility. If your glass repair company offers mobile service, then this installation can happen on your worksite.

    Glass on the Move offers mobile services and a 24-hour promise. Call us at (510) 338-4791 if you have more questions about our auto glass repair. You can also visit our website to learn more about our custom fabrication shop. 


    Checking and Replacing Your Wiper Blades

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Worn wiper blades won’t do you any good during a storm. In fact, inconsistent wiper blade maintenance could put you and your passengers in serious danger. This video goes over the basics of wiper blade care and explores why this maintenance task is so important. 

    The video starts by showing you the difference between dirty wipers and wipers that need a replacement. Next, you’ll learn simple tips for detaching and replacing your wipers. You’ll learn how to reduce windshield streaking, as well.

    Glass on the Move is one of Oakland’s oldest and most celebrated auto glass repair companies. Get in touch with us at (510) 338-4791 if you have questions about getting your windshield replaced. You can also talk to our knowledgeable staff about wiper blade checks and decide if your wiper blades need a replacement.


    Tips for Determining if You Need a New Windshield

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Your windshield is an extremely important part of your vehicle—this barrier offers protection from the elements and helps you to maintain visibility on the road. Eventually, windshields become worn and suffer a drop in performance. Keep reading to learn when windshield replacement is needed.

    • Extended Cracks: Typically, small, shallow cracks can be repaired with specialty compounds. However, cracks beyond six inches in length are impossible to repair. Eventually, these cracks will spread and weaken your windshield, so any large crack makes a windshield replacement absolutely necessary. Bring your vehicle into a professional windshield repair company if you have questions about the length of a crack.
    • Compound Breaks: Not all small cracks can be ignored. Localized cracks that reach deeper layers of your windshield are just as dangerous as long, narrow cracks. Bulls-eye breaks, named for their layered, circular shape, are one such crack that requires a new windshield. Pointed, angled star-shaped breaks are another type of damage that cannot be repaired. Also, keep a close eye out for networks of cracks on the sides of the windshield. These pressure cracks are typically caused by damage to the vehicle’s frame or are the result of an improper glass installation. Call a windshield repair company right away if you notice any of these damages.
    • Debris Buildup: Unfortunately, exposure to dirt and grime can make simple chips impossible to repair. Small dirt particles can settle into these cracks and cause them to expand more quickly. Even worse, this debris makes it impossible to repair tiny cracks with standard resin treatments. In cases like these, the only way to resolve the repair is to have the entire windshield replaced.

    Glass on the Move has been helping Oakland residents with speedy glass replacements since 1979. Contact us at (510) 338-4791 if you’re in need of windshield chip repair or auto glass insulation.


    Safety Glass: How Does It Work?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Car windows and windshields are constructed from special, damage-resistant glass. This safety glass is extremely important for protecting passengers during a collision. Check out this video to learn more about the effectiveness of safety glass. Multiple types of safety glass are put to the test. The hosts use high-velocity gun rounds and numerous other objects to simulate the force of a collision. As you’ll see, the tests reveal how durable safety glass is in the face of any type of collision. 

    Glass on the Move puts a priority on safety. That’s why we hire only the most talented and experienced technicians to install our replacement windshields. Call us at (510) 338-4791 if you want the best in the business working on your vehicle. 


    Highly Recommend

    Last updated 6 years ago

    • on Yelp
    • Totally agree with Beatriz Q, same thing happened to my extended cab pick up. These guys were prompt, efficient, proffesional and cleaned all the shattered glass out of the cab. Highly recommend, and would definately use again. Thanks guys!!

      Jack M.

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