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Glass On The Move - What Makes Auto Glass Different From Other Types of Glass?

Last updated 7 years ago

Until the 1920s, car windows and windshields were made of ordinary plate glass.  However, this was a problem because plate glass is the same kind of glass that your house’s windows are made of—and you know how easy it is to shatter your living room window just by throwing a baseball through it!  To prevent injury, automobile makers began using what we now call “safety glass” for car windshields and windows.  As we shall see, there are two main forms of safety glass, each with its own specific purpose: 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is what’s used to make windshields.  It’s very strong and rigid and is made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) surrounded by ordinary glass.  The PVB and glass are fused together by heat and pressure, resulting in a material that can deflect 95 percent of UV rays and is strong enough to help hold up the car’s roof.  

Tempered Glass

Laminated glass is almost too much of a good thing. It’s so strong that it can be difficult to break through during a rescue.  That’s why tempered glass is used for every other part of the car except for the windshield.  Tempered glass is simply ordinary glass that is super-heated and then quickly cooled. The end result is that tempered glass is between five and ten times stronger than normal glass.  Because tempered glass is so much stronger than normal, it can endure the wear-and-tear of driving. But since it’s weaker than laminated glass, it can still be broken if necessary.  Fortunately, shards of tempered glass are dull, not sharp, adding one more level of safety for both drivers and passengers. 

As you can see, auto glass is different from other types of glass, which means that it needs the touch of an expert.  If you’re in need of auto glass repair, then you should consult with Glass on the Move.  Glass on the move deals with auto glass repair of all kinds, including windshield repair and car window replacement.  Best of all, Glass on the Move will come to you. We’re experts at mobile windshield repair. 

If you have any windshield trouble, call Glass On The Move today!  Contact us for all your vehicle glass needs - 510-835-0761 or 925-689-9555.


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