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Ultraviolet Light Protection Offered by Windshields

Last updated 6 years ago

When most people think of windshields, they think of protection from bugs, rocks, and weather. In fact, windshields also help deploy passenger airbags, maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity, and prevent you from being ejected from your vehicle during a crash. However, ultraviolet protection is perhaps windshields’ most overlooked quality. Here’s a quick look at the UV protection offered by windshields:  

Ultraviolet light basics Before we get to the protective qualities of windshields, we should go over the basics of UV light. UV light is a form of invisible electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun in tandem with visible light. Though over 95% of the sun’s UV rays are blocked by the Earth’s ozone layer, the remainder has been known to cause sunburn and even skin cancer. That’s why experts urge us to wear sunscreen whenever we go out into the sun.

Windshield protection To most people, the windshield appears to be a normal window. After all, it’s perfectly transparent, just like most other windows out there. However, windshields are actually made of several layers of vinyl and non-tempered glass, making them much stronger than conventional glass. These additional layers also make windshields much more resistant to UV rays—in fact, some windshields allow as little as 1% of UV rays to pass through, protecting motorists and vehicle interiors from harmful sunburns.

Side window risks Unfortunately, side windows do not offer the same protection. Though the tempered glass of side windows are designed to shatter into thousands of harmless pieces upon impact, they only block about 20% of UV rays when intact. Luckily, you can increase your side windows’ UV rating by installing tinted or laminated windows. If you’d like to learn more about UV protection, you should contact a local auto glass repair company.

Windshields are a lot more important than most people realize. If your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, call Glass on the Move at (510) 338-4791. When you do business with us, you won’t have to drive anywhere—we provide mobile auto glass repairs throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


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