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3 Reasons to Tint Your Auto Glass

Last updated 6 years ago

Tinted auto glass may at first seem like a solely cosmetic feature, but it offers many practical benefits to car owners as well. While adding looks and style to your ride, tinting your car windows also offers the following safety aspects:

 1.      Protect Yourself and Your Car from UV Rays. While today’s auto glass is engineered to block much of the sun’s heat energy, it doesn’t always protect against ultraviolet radiation. Tinting with polarized products turns your auto glass into a UV-blocking barrier that keeps you, your passengers, and your car’s interior safe from the damaging effects of UV rays. Not only does this type of light cause dangerous sunburns, unsightly skin spots, and wrinkles, but it can also degrade your car’s interior. While today’s vehicles sometimes incorporate suede and UV-resistant materials into their interiors, over time, plastic, vinyl, and leather can still fade and weaken due to UV exposure.

2.      Ensure the Privacy of You and Your Passengers. Many drivers take pride in their vehicles, and for good reason: A car is a huge investment. If you take the time to keep its paint job fresh, your classic model or cutting-edge machine may attract a lot of attention from passerby and other drivers. Yet you likely do not want strangers staring into your car’s interior and being able to determine whether your family is inside, or assessing your vehicle’s value by its interior features—which is why window tinting can be an important privacy tool.

3.      Increase Your Security. A parked car is vulnerable, especially if a would-be thief can see what is inside. Items sitting in your car, such as shopping bags, presents, or even your stereo, can be particularly vulnerable if outsiders are aware of their presence. To protect yourself and your car, have your auto glass tinted and hide all valuables or take them with you when you park.

It’s important to have your auto glass tinted by a professional who can do the job correctly and according to California law. Contact Glass On The Move for more information about window tinting and auto glass repair or replacement. Visit our website or call us at (510) 835-0761 to learn more about our services.



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