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Glass on the Move - The Dangers of an Incorrectly Installed Windshield

Last updated 7 years ago

Having your windshield replaced can be a pain, especially if you’re driving down the road a day or two later, only to feel a breeze coming in through the edges of your freshly-installed glass.  But an incorrectly-installed window isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s a serious danger. 

Your windshield serves to protect you from flying debris, but it does much more than that.  Automobiles are designed so that your windshield provides support for your roof.  If your windshield has been improperly installed and you’re in an accident, then you face the following dangers:

  • Your windshield is more likely to shatter because the stress isn’t evenly distributed.
  • Your roof is more likely to crumple.
  • Serious injuries are much more of a risk, not only because of all the broken glass and because the roof may collapse, but also because once the windshield is gone, you’re more likely to be ejected from your car.
  • Airbags may not deploy on time.
  • An improperly-installed windshield will be harder for rescue teams to remove, potentially trapping passengers during a rescue. 

More Common than You’d Think

The frequency with which cars are hit by flying gravel and other debris means that at some point, you’re likely to need your windshield replaced. Unfortunately, a lot of auto body repair shops are not actually qualified to perform auto glass repairs.  Don’t assume that your local body shop is qualified to perform this kind of repair—find a professional. 

If you’re in need of auto glass repair, then you need to contact Glass on the Move.  Glass on the Move has been performing windshield repairs, car window replacements, and auto glass repairs of all kinds since 1979.  Better yet, Glass on the Move specializes in mobile windshield repair, so instead of driving your damaged car to us, we’ll come to you!  For more information.


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